Academic Rabbit Race

The University of Rijeka Foundation, in cooperation with the City of Kastav and the Rijeka Sports University Association, organizes ''The Academic Rabbit'' trail race on the Kastav's promenades on Saturday, May 26, 2018, starting at 10 am.

''The Academic Rabbit'' race was created with the aim of encouraging students and employees of the University of Rijeka, as well as Rijeka citizens, to move and socialize in nature and promote a healthy lifestyle.

''The Academic Rabbit'' race is held for the fifth year, this year on two tracks – SNAIL (5.3 km) and RABBIT (9.28 km). Nearly 400 contestants have participated in the race over the past four years, and the desire is to expand the project and involve more local and regional community members, families and walkers, as well as more serious recreational athletes.

Applications are open until May 20, 2018, and you can sign up HERE.
You can find more details on applications, registration fee and race rules on the Foundation's web and Facebook page.