Loan Programme for University of Rijeka Students
The University of Rijeka, in its belief that attending studies is the fundamental right of every citizen of the Republic of Croatia, strives to ensure funds for favourable loans for University of Rijeka students as well as students from the Primorsko-goranska County that are enrolled in study programmes at other universities if their study programme of choice is not available at the University of Rijeka.
The following is anticipated within the existent system:
  • Loans for covering tuition, dependent on the amount of the tuition, ranging from 200 EUR to 11.000 EUR, and
  • Loans for covering student living expenses, in the amount of 70 EUR to 300 EUR monthly.
Details about terms and conditions of obtaining a loan, necessary documents, deadlines and terms of repayment as well as subventions from the University Treasury can be found in the annexed documents.