08/07/2024. - 11/07/2024..
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The European Face of Political Epistemology 2.0.
Palača Moise

Political epistemology has recently emerged as a progressive epistemological branch that spreads its focus out to the non-ideal world of factual political agents, parties, institutions, and collective epistemic resources. Nonetheless, it retained a parochial and myopic focus on the United States of America and the United Kingdom, with sporadic excursions to Australia and Canada. The second edition of The European Face of Political Epistemology conference, after the first has become an edited book, seeks to assemble novel and progressive European thinkers about political epistemology.  Our topics of interest comprise political communicational methods, political knowledge and ignorance, multi-partisan politics, political expertise and the role of topical experts in the political domain, politicised epistemic injustice, and non-ideal epistemology. European political phenomena must be sternly analysed, evaluated, and affixed with a tentative feasible solution. Our conference strives to be a locus of such analysis.


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