Technology Transfer

Technology transfer is the process by which research results are transformed into new or improved products or services that are then placed on the market. The basic goal of the Technology Transfer Office of the University of Rijeka is to strengthen the link between the University and the economy, to encourage research and professional work, and support the protection and commercialization of the results of that work at all stages, from idea development to intellectual property protection to commercialization. The Technology Transfer Office of the University of Rijeka was established in 2009 within the World Bank-funded Science and Technology Project (STP) and in cooperation with the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.

Commercialization of the Technology Transfer Office

To raise awareness of the importance of protection and management of intellectual property developed at the University and to accelerate the process of its commercialization, the Technology Transfer Office:

• encourages the development of intellectual property at the University,
• identifies, evaluates, and protects the intellectual property of the University,
• commercializes the intellectual property of the University,
• encourages collaboration between the academic community and the economy.

Technology Transfer Office Services

The Technology Transfer Office provides the following services to scientists in transferring the results of research and professional work of the University to the economy:

• educating scientists and students of the University on the importance of technology transfer and intellectual property,
• expert assessment of the commercial potential of research results,
• advising on the possibilities of intellectual property protection and modes of commercialization,
• finding a commercialization partner,
• finding funding sources,
• presenting and promoting the results of scientific research and professional work to the scientific, professional, and general public.


Technology Transfer Office

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University of Rijeka
Trg brace Mazuranica 10
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Petra Karanikic, Ph.D.

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