Global Listening Centre

The Global Listening Centre (GLC) is a dedicated premier international non-profit organization, which promotes the noble cause of listening worldwide and encourages individuals, organizations and institutions to work together to meet the urgent challenges of society. The GLC is organized according to its constitution and led by the Global Listening Board, which is comprised of experienced and passionate advocates who are leaders and experts in their respective fields. It instigates projects amongst motivated teams in support of its listening goals. The Global Listening Centre welcomes collaboration and partnership with organizations having a convergence of interest in studying, researching and promoting the practice of listening as well as advancing innovative technology for enhancing effective listening.


To see the future society as a world that listens well before acting.


  • To promote the practice of effective listening globally.
  • To foster projects addressing important issues in education, health, and other important areas of social challenge.
  • To provide advanced listening solutions around the world and utilize the power of technical research, strategy, professional-development training, and material development in ways that successfully collaborate with public and private partners.

Our Core Purpose

To promote the merits and power of listening and provide listening solutions to transform lives for the benefit of society and environment.

Our Core Values

  • Service, To work selflessly towards global harmony.
  • Leadership, Promote the integrity and honesty of workers and working teams and to advance innovative collaboration.
  • Freedom, Of work, thought and expression.


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