Innovation and Knowledge Transfer

In the last few years, the University of Rijeka has been involved in a number of European projects in the field of innovation and knowledge transfer, and is continuously working to strengthen institutional capacities in the aforementioned areas. The central point for issues in the field of innovation and knowledge transfer at the University of Rijeka is the Centre for Innovation Initiatives (CII), which operates within the University Centre for Research and Innovation.

The Centre for Innovation Initiatives provides support for the implementation of the university’s innovation policy, and some of its tasks include: monitoring and evaluating the innovation capacity and production of the University and its constituents, proposing and developing new ideas/tools regarding the improvement of the University’s innovation capacity, improving the visibility of the University in the field of research and innovation and the popularization of science, informing the University and constituents about the possibilities of financing and participating in innovation projects, conducting activities within existing EU projects in the field of innovation and knowledge transfer, as well as monitoring innovation activities at the level of YUFE and YERUN networks.

The scope of work of the Centre includes the implementation of the UNIRI-INOVA Call for proposals for institutional financing of interdisciplinary scientific and development projects involving stakeholders from the economy and/or the community, which encourages the transfer of knowledge between the academic community and the economy.


To raise awareness of the importance of protection and management of intellectual property developed at the University and to accelerate the process of its commercialization, the Centre for Innovation Initiatives:

• encourages the development of intellectual property at the University,
• identifies, evaluates, and protects the intellectual property of the University,
• commercializes the intellectual property of the University,
• encourages collaboration between the academic community and the economy.


Centre for Innovation Initiatives provides the following services to scientists in transferring the results of research and professional work of the University to the economy:

• educating scientists and students of the University on the importance of technology transfer and intellectual property,
• expert assessment of the commercial potential of research results,
• advising on the possibilities of intellectual property protection and modes of commercialization,
• finding a commercialization partner,
• finding funding sources,
• presenting and promoting the results of scientific research and professional work to the scientific, professional, and general public.


Centre for Innovation Initiatives

Trg brace Mazuranica 10, HR-51000 Rijeka

University of Rijeka
Trg brace Mazuranica 10
HR-51000 Rijeka

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