Rijeka 2020

The City of Rijeka takes pride in being the European Capital of Culture 2020. As a city of culture, Rijeka bases its identity on the topics of Work, Diversity, and Water, embracing them within its central theme, the Port. When combined with the topics of Work, Diversity, and Water, the concept of a Port creates a narrative about the city’s distinct features, about its history, present, and future, and represent the values deeply embedded – both literally and metaphorically – in Rijeka’s historical legacy. Likewise, these topics reflect the foundational European values of multiculturality, diversity, pluralism, as well as its openness to dialogue and cooperation. The University of Rijeka is one of the City of Rijeka’s main partners in the RI: ECOC 2020 program. By joining forces on different projects and initiatives, the city and its academia will get to build a socially responsible community together.

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