Pre-award Research Support Centre

The Pre-award Research Support Centre (in Croatian: CPP) at the University Centre for Research and Innovation was established to strengthen the participation of University of Rijeka scientists in competitive scientific projects.

The Centre’s primary focus is on supporting researchers’ applications to the Horizon Europe programme, Europe’s largest transnational programme for research and innovation, and national research projects of the Croatian Science Foundation.

What we do

Pre-award research support procedure includes individual counseling of scientists in the entire process of preparing project proposals, which includes:

• Providing information about funding opportunities within the Horizon Europe programme and the Croatian Science Foundation,
• Advising on filling out project forms,
• Assistance and consultation in the preparation of parts of the application that are not specifically related to the scientific component of the project proposal,
• Providing assistance and guidance in the preparation of the project budget,
• Pre-screening of the entire project application and consultation on possible improvements,
• Providing support in the use of application systems and online tools.

The Centre organizes:

• Informative events about relevant calls and application conditions for open tenders,
• Workshops and consultations where you can acquire useful knowledge and skills for the preparation of a project proposal.

By participating in our events, you will receive crucial information, instructions, and clarifications that will help you decide whether a certain tender is the most suitable for your research idea. In this way, you will get help and support in planning the project proposal and save time in finding a suitable tender for your project idea.

Contact the Centre on time to give us enough time to review and make possible improvements to the project documentation.

Marie-Skłodowska Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Rijeka

The University of Rijeka, a modern European University is looking for motivated postdoctoral researchers for the Marie-Skłodowska Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship (MSCA PF) applications in 2024.


Pre-Award Research Support Centre

Trg braće Mažuranića 10, HR-51000 Rijeka

For support with project applications, please contact us at


+385 51 406 524


+385 51 406 515


+385 51 406 531


+385 51 406 554


+385 51 406 528

Ministry of Science and Education / Financial support

Measures to strengthen national participation in EU programmes in the field of research, innovation, and space

The measures include support for tender applications within the Horizon Europe programme and support for tender applications within the Programme that passed the evaluation threshold but did not receive funding. In addition to the Horizon Europe programme, these measures also apply to the Euratom Research and Training Programme (2021-2025), the European Institute for Innovation and Technology, the EU Space Programme, and European Space Agency tenders.

Measure 1. Support for tender applications within the Programme

  • Activities financed are those that will facilitate future application to one of the calls of the Horizon Europe programme.
  • Eligible costs: travel, accommodation, and registration fees, space/platform rental, hiring lecturers, and other advisory services
  • Funding amount: EUR 1,990.84 per activity

Measure 2. Support for tender applications within the Programme which passed the evaluation threshold, but did not receive funding

  • Eligible costs: research work, procurement, maintenance, and repair of scientific equipment, research results dissemination, and intellectual property protection.
  • Funding amount: depends on the Applicant’s role in the EU project application (the Coordinator may receive 3,318.07 to 5,308.91 Euros, while the Partner may be allocated 2,654.46 to 3,318.07 Euros, depending on the achieved point percentage on the evaluation).

Decision on measures to strengthen national participation in EU programmes in the field of research, innovation, and space (in Croatian)


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