Catalogue of Knowledge

This booklet contains an overview of the scientific-research and art projects of the University of Rijeka registered in 2018 and approved for institutional funding up to 2021. The Catalogue of Knowledge is intended for University of Rijeka employees, students, and associates, as well as representatives of other scientific and higher education institutions as part of a presentation by the University of Rijeka.  In addition to the three project groups presented in this Catalogue of Knowledge, the University of Rijeka also implements additional program funding lines in order to give a comprehensive boost to scientific-research and artistic productivity. 


Prof. Ivan Đikić, M.D., Ph.D.

”The University of Rijeka pays great attention to student education, as well as to the careers of its scientists and professors. A selection of high-quality projects, many embracing new technologies, accompanied by special programmes for young scientists, open the door to future success in Rijeka. Openness, cooperation, and responsibility for society’s development are the fundamental values promoted by the University leadership and communicated to the public at large.”

Ivo Usmiani, President of the Board of Directors of JGL

I believe that the strengths of a city are measured in the intellectual power of its population. The University of Rijeka illustrates the strengths of the city of Rijeka. The modern development of a country is unthinkable without the contribution of science and without the foundation that academic development provides for science. The University of Rijeka team has made an important breakthrough, in accordance with European guidelines, through its linking of science and the economy. In our company JGL, we have always striven for the strengthening of functional networks between entrepreneurs and researchers from the academic community, for the creation of interdisciplinary study programmes and the transfer of acquired knowledge to real life. I am pleased to have these projects, with their central goal being the general improvement of science for the benefit of the economy and society as a whole, communicate our common vision that “Rijeka Can”!

Nina Violić, actress

“I am incredibly proud of the University of Rijeka which has decided to invest all the allocated science funds exclusively into science and art projects. I think this is important for the community on a higher level, primarily because it opens up the field of research and, in the contemporary world, investing in research is the only thing that makes sense. In addition, with their research and creative projects, scientists and artists from Rijeka will thus be able to compete on the European scene. Such clever decisions always yield results, and the advances in science and art that will surely come from this decision, may yet astonish us all.”

Joško Eterović, painter and sculptor

A small town like Rijeka offers so much creativity in so many areas of research, making this city part of Europe and the world. I am glad to be part of this city and to be part of that positive contribution. I sincerely believe that “Rijeka Can”!

Prof. Danica Kragic Jensfelt, Ph.D.

This is a fantastic initiative on an international level. It is important to create a strong scientific base built on competitiveness. The project topics are interesting and many include the methods of machine learning, which only proves that the experts at the University of Rijeka keep up with international trends.

Jelena Jindra, journalist

I was always interested in seeing my city from the fresh perspective of new people who find themselves here, with the intention of leaving something worthwhile to the city. Now, thanks to the University of Rijeka and all these scientific projects, I feel that Rijeka is in good hands. There are a lot of new, fresh perspectives from scientists whose work yields a curious and exciting vision of Rijeka, the unfolding of which I look forward to immensely.

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