Diversity and Inclusivity

We nurture curiosity, courage,
inclusiveness, diversity, participation,
and solidarity as necessary conditions
for progressive and just institutions.

Access to education, ensuring equal opportunities for all, caring for vulnerable and underrepresented groups, promoting diversity, and every person’s inclusion and dignity are fundamental principles that, alongside heightened academic integrity and public accountability, enhance research and education’s authentic quality and contribute to justice in society.

UNIRI shares YUFE vision for diversity and inclusivity:

  • For all YUFE institutions to become, and be recognised as leaders in diversity and inclusivity
  • For YUFE to be a place of positive and open discourse around diversity and inclusivity
  • For all YUFE institutions to have inclusive systems, structures, policies and procedures
  • For the diversity in society to be reflected at all levels of YUFE institutions
  • For all YUFE staff and students to be advocates for diversity and inclusivity and to inspire others to share the YUFE values.

(University of Rijeka Strategy 2021-2025)

Documents, guidelines, and useful literature

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