Professor Nikola Petković
A writer, professor, and more recently a mountain climber who looks at the world with eyes wide open and marvels at it innocently, Prof. Nikola Petković is an inexhaustible source of topics, ideas, observations, and dilemmas such as issues of intellectual property, copyright in cyber reality, overcoming the limitations that new reality imposes on us as we try to adjust. Professor Petković tells us solidarity has proven to be one of the sure solutions. Professor Nikola Petković, Ph.D., is a full pr...
Professor Alan Šustić
Three weeks ago, Professor Alan Šustić, Ph.D., was appointed Head of the COVID-19 Viral Infection Respiratory Center. He and his team have continued to invest maximum professional and human effort in this unprecedented and until the recently unimaginable situation in a global society. Hence, they adapt to the new situation the best they can. Alan Šustić is a professor with tenure, and more widely known as a doctor with two specializations – anesthesiology and intensive care, as well as those i...
New Section - Our People
We are happy to announce that we are introducing a new section, Our People, on our official website. The section represents individuals in our university community whose work, especially now in the new circumstances of seeking to prevent the spread of COVID-19, is significant and important to the community, our safety, maintenance and functioning of the system. The dedication and effort of such individuals often remain "under the r...
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