New Student Representatives in YUFE Student Forum
The University of Rijeka has selected two new student representatives to represent UNIRI students in the YUFE Student Forum. The newly elected representatives, Paula Petrinec (Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management) and Sven Sušanj (Faculty of Law) joined the work of the YUFE Student Forum along with the previous representative Tea Dimnjašević. In August, UNIRI students participated in the elections for the YUFE Student Board, in which the UNIRI representative Tea Dimnjašević was elected to the position of ...
After presenting the YUFE introductory offer of online courses, we are happy to have encountered strong interest and a large number of registered students! At this stage, YUFE is testing its educational offer and we are therefore able to enroll only a limited number of students from each YUFE university, and we have already met the quota for the University of Rijeka. There are, however, different ways to get involved in a YUFE student journey. Although unfortunately, we can no longer receive applicat...
UNIRI Becomes a Full YUFE Member
After joining the YUFE initiative in December 2018 and contributing to the YUFE project as an associate partner since June 2019, the University of Rijeka is proud to announce that its ongoing efforts and active engagement have resulted in a change of status to a full member of the YUFE consortium. The full membership status was awarded by the European Commission upon formal request submitted by the YUFE alliance. The University of Rijeka is thus equated with other member universities from Belgium, Cyprus, England, Fin...
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