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Welcome to the website of the Doctoral School of the University of Rijeka!

In accordance with the guidelines of the European University Association (EUA), the University of Rijeka Senate adopted at its 91st session, held on May 24, 2016, the Decision on establishing the Doctoral School of the University of Rijeka, thus assuming institutional responsibility for doctoral study programs in all scientific disciplines that are offered at the University of Rijeka.

Through the University of Rijeka Strategy 2014-2020, the University of Rijeka has pledged that it would establish a doctoral school that is founded upon a clear relationship to scientific projects, international liaisons with similar schools, and the exchange of professors and students. Furthermore, it has committed itself to the development of financial instruments necessary for the foundation of doctoral programs within the doctoral school and the provision of funds for doctoral students working full-time, as well as to strengthening the role of postdoctoral students and other young researchers in the development of science and higher education.

The Head represents the Doctoral School and manages its affairs. The Head of the Doctoral School of the University of Rijeka is Prof. Igor Prpić, Ph.D.

The main goals of the doctoral school are ensuring the quality of doctoral studies at the University of Rijeka, increasing research and teaching capacities, encouraging interdisciplinarity and greater cost-effectiveness in doctoral studies/programs at the University of Rijeka, encouraging the establishment of interdisciplinary, common, and joint (international) doctoral studies, and ensuring that students receive research education and training. The aim of the doctoral school is that students upon their graduation demonstrate a level of competence pertaining to an experienced researcher who can direct their research career towards the status of an independent researcher by conducting organized postdoctoral training.


Call for Summer School EERSS 2022

We are invite you to EERSS 2022 Summer School.

The EERA Summer School 2022 will be held 11 – 15 July 2022 at the University of Porto, Portugal. The theme of EERSS 2022 is “Research design from scratch: Making sense of the whats, whos and hows of your investigation”

To read the Call for the Summer School and more:

To apply to EERSS 2022:

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