GAP analysis and action plan

In addition to the regular employee satisfaction surveys that are thoroughly analysed and presented at the sessions of the UNIRI Senate, a renewed comprehensive analysis of employees’ opinions (GAP analysis) conducted in 2023 showed then that the University has made significant strides and progress in terms of the HRS4R principles and OTM-R, in line with the significant alignment of its overarching activities in this framework with the EU policies. As a result, the UNIRI policies and activities were updated during 2023 and at the beginning of 2024, as well as aligned with the currently valid practices and standards at the national and European levels.

Based on the strategic and policy framework, as well as on the results of the thorough HRS4R Gap Analysis, UNIRI defines its renewed HRS4R strategic priority areas and the corresponding Action Plan with the responsible bodies/persons and the implementation deadlines.


Survey 2023


GAP analysis

Strategic priority areas

Strategic priority areas 2024:

  1. Early and Mid-career Researchers and their Supervision
  2. Internationalisation and Mobility
  3. Teaching and Training
  4. Research Excellence and Impact on Society and the Economy
  5. Diversity, Accountability, and Academic Integrity
  6. OTM-R

Strategic priority areas 2018:

  1. Coherent, open and transparent information package
  2. Ethics and professionalism
  3. Ensuring scientific excellence
  4. Teaching and research
  5. Mobility
  6. Financing
  7. Training skills and competences
  8. Upgrading institutional regulations and mechanisms
  9. Towards national and international level initiatives
  10. Popularisation and broadening of science
  11. OTM-R policy

Action plan

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