Student Health Care

Appropriate health care is ensured for all students studying at the University of Rijeka who are not from Rijeka.

Students can access health care by choosing a primary health care physician in their place of study by signing the form Statement on the selection/change of the chosen physician (Izjava o izboru/promjeni izabranog doktora).

The list of physicians responsible for student health care can be found on the following link.

Student Medical Practice

Student medical practice (Radmile Matejčić 5, Rijeka) run by Marijana Turčić, MD and School medicine specialist, commenced working on the University Campus on 2nd December 2019.
Telephone number: 051/584-876

Family Medicine Practice

Family medicine practice run by Koraljka Čop, MD, and Josip Eljuga, MD, was opened on the University Campus as well (at the same address).
Telephone number: 051/459-112

Additional Information

In order to acquire the right to all-encompassing health care while studying at the University of Rijeka, students are required to come to the practice during its working hours in person (health card required) and sign the consent form about the selection of the chosen physician in their place of study.

If a student wishes to remain registered with their chosen physician in their place of residence, the contracted partners of the Croatian Health Insurance Fund (HZZO) in primary health care (family medicine, dental medicine, pediatrics, women’s health care) are, in accordance with the Agreement with the Croatian Health Insurance Fund (HZZO), obliged to provide primary health care in case of trauma, acute inflammatory and infectious diseases, and an acute disorder that requires therapeutic care to an insured student who has not chosen their team and is temporarily staying in the area where the practice is to the same extent as if they were their chosen physician. (letter from HZZO from 11th March 2016, Class: 502-02/16-07/02, Reg. No.: 338-08-15-16-02).

In the case of foreign students who do not have the right to health care under the laws of the Republic of Croatia, health care may be provided by another insurance instrument.

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