Free-of-charge admission to University Library Rijeka

30.09.2022. / news / About the University

From the 2022/2023 academic year, the University Library Rijeka in cooperation with the University of Rijeka and the Student Council of the University of Rijeka provides free-of-charge admission to the library for all students of the University of Rijeka. Students can enroll in the library free of charge from October 1, 2022. Free-of-charge admission for students is part of the continuous process of improving the availability of library services to students, who make up the largest and most important group of users of the Library.

To obtain the right of free-of-charge admission, students should fill out an online registration form and attach a scan of their student ID or certificate of enrollment at the University. Admission can be done online (by attaching the required documents) or in person at the Library.

Of the four major Croatian universities, the University of Rijeka is the first to offer free-of-charge library admission to all students at all levels of study, without secondary compensation. The goal is to create a dynamic space for meeting and moving students in the city center, gathered around research, studying, writing, and socializing in the University’s central library.

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