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04.09.2020. / news / eu projects

EU Missions aim to provide solutions to some of today’s biggest societal challenges such as the fight against cancer, adaptation to climate change, clean oceans, climate-neutral cities, and healthy soil and food. The European Commission develops and creates missions together with the citizens of the European Union to ensure that missions meet the expectations and needs of citizens.

At the end of June, the Mission Committees presented their first proposals for the missions of the Research and Innovation Framework Program – Horizon Europe.

As part of the mission creation process, an interactive platform “EU Missions – Call for Ideas” was launched so that everyone could present their ideas and vote for those they consider the best.

The proposals can be submitted via an online platform until September 6, and you can vote until September 14. The results of the call will be presented at the “European Research and Innovation Days”. More about that at the following link.

Additional information on missions is available on the official website of the European Commission.

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