I Am Not a Robot

04.11.2019. / news / About the University

I am not a robot is an artistic intervention linked to the residential program ”Vitamin D” which is a part of the ”27 Neighbourhoods” program, Rijeka ECOC 2020. Artist Mr. Darko Fritz, who announced his project entitled ”Art in Public Space” last year, at the University of Rijeka, will realize his work.

The project was also chosen by the Green Belt, a program organized by INA (Croatian oil company).

This small art piece will be realized in the form of a small park: visually and artistically shaped horticulture with a neat environment. Park is shaped in a uniquely artistic way, with plants that visually make out bulky text ”I am not a robot”. This special typography of the picture in space will be designed by adapting it to chosen materials with its size and specific position at the site.

Furthermore, the horticultural unit ”I am not a robot” will be shaped with organic and inorganic materials, which are usually used for shaping parks. They will collaborate with Dragodid association which will offer workshops on building dry stone walls (protected as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Croatia). Students, volunteers, and interested citizens are free to join, while the garden organization and planting of Parthenocissus and lavender (plants adjusted to local climate) will be supervised by landscape architects of Čistoća LP (organization for maintaining cleanliness and waste management).

The park will be made for the students, all professors, and other University personnel, as well as citizens of Rijeka, especially those living in nearby neighborhoods (Trsat, Vojak, Krimeja, Gornja Vežica, and Podvežica).

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