Ivan Đikić new EMBO Council member

11.07.2022. / news / Scientists

Five members of the EMBO Council, a new chair, and a vice-chair were appointed at the EMBO Council meeting in Heidelberg on 24 and 25 May 2022.

EMBO Council is the governing body of EMBO. According to the EMBO Statutes and Rules, it consists of nine members who are elected by the EMBO Members and Associate Members, and six members who are co-opted by Council. The 15 members serve for a period of three years and may be re-elected for one additional term. Each year, five Council members are replaced: three by direct election and two by co-option. The chair and vice-chair are elected for one year.

This year, the three candidates who received the highest number of members’ votes were Ivan Đikić, Crisanto Gutiérrez, and Maria Rescigno. Gutiérrez and Rescigno are re-elected for a second term, while Dikic will join Council in 2023. The two co-opted members are Silvia Arber and Johanna Ivaska.

The three members who joined Council for the first time are from three different countries. Ivan Đikić, a renowned Croatian scientist and member of the International Scientific Council of the University of Rijeka, works on ubiquitination and autophagy in health and disease at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. Silvia Arber is Swiss and carries out research on motor circuit development and function at the University of Basel, Switzerland. Johanna Ivaska, who is Finnish, works on integrin traffic and activity in cancer at the University of Turku, Finland. Three Council members, Adrian Bird, Michael N. Hall, and Claudio E. Sunkel, are reaching the end of their second term and will retire from Council in December 2022.

Council has elected Matthew Freeman as the new chair for 2023, who will take over from the current chair Michael N. Hall. It has re-elected Michel Labouesse as vice-chair for another year. Read more about EMBO Council and all current members here.

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