Message from the Mayor to the students

03.10.2022. / news / About the University

Dear students,

At the very beginning of one of the most interesting and dynamic periods in your lives, first of all, I congratulate you on successful enrollment and a completely new life challenge ahead.

This period will be marked by many beautiful moments, new acquaintances, and friendships, but also numerous opportunities for further growth and development, both in your professional and private life. Today, when you return to your classrooms or enter the faculty halls for the first time, continue or start your academic journey, keep in mind that this path defines your life, creates the foundations of the direction you will take after graduating from college, and builds your ambitions which will lead you further and further.

I am convinced that Rijeka’s faculties will fully fulfill your goals, wishes, and ambitions and, with quality, professional staff, a recognizable, organized system, and innovative and modern methods of education, will once again prove that your choice was more than right.

Of course, time spent at the university is not only time spent studying and learning. Therefore, I hope that, during this important period, you will find time for free activities, fun, and entertainment and enjoy everything that Rijeka offers to the young. As the European City of Sports in 2022, Rijeka has a handful of sports activities and events, and as a city that, in 2020, held the title of the European Capital of Culture, there is no shortage of cultural and entertainment events, of which, I’m sure, you will find something for yourself.

I sincerely hope that you will start and finish this academic year in person, without different models of distance learning, and, most importantly, that you will be able to live and experience it.

The City of Rijeka will provide continuous support, planning, and considering the further development and improvement of living conditions, foundations, but also business opportunities for the continuation of your life right here in Rijeka.

Finally, I wish all students a happy, successful, and fun academic year!

Mr. Marko Filipović, Mayor

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