New Student Representatives in YUFE Student Forum

31.08.2020. / news / YUFE Alliance

The University of Rijeka has selected two new student representatives to represent UNIRI students in the YUFE Student Forum. The newly elected representatives, Paula Petrinec (Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management) and Sven Sušanj (Faculty of Law) joined the work of the YUFE Student Forum along with the previous representative Tea Dimnjašević. In August, UNIRI students participated in the elections for the YUFE Student Board, in which the UNIRI representative Tea Dimnjašević was elected to the position of Student Participation Officer.

The YUFE Student Forum has a total of 30 students, three from each university involved. Student representatives equally participate in the creation of programs and activities of the YUFE Alliance from its very beginnings, participate in all YUFE working and governing bodies, and provide a student perspective in all YUFE activities.

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