Soft Skills Courses

21.10.2020. / news / YUFE Alliance

The Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun (Poland), one of the members of the YUFE Alliance, is offering various soft skills courses, implemented and financed under the IDUB project. The courses officially start on October 21 at 1.00 PM. Employees (teaching and administrative staff), students, and doctoral students can choose from as many as 44 online courses – in Polish and English.

The training courses cover five thematic areas:
– team communication;
– work optimization, motivation, and energy in action;
– self-presentation and personal development;
– mental resilience and stress management;
– anti-discrimination training and safety.

The courses are of a theoretical and workshop character. They will be held online in groups of up to 12 participants. They will last from 2 to 8 teaching hours.

Registration remains open until October 30, 2020.
For more details please contact Mrs. Natalia Proń-Nowak (e-mail:; Phone: +48 56 611 49 27).

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