SOMMa Job Openings

27.04.2021. / news / Scientists

The Spanish alliance of research institutions of excellence, which gathers more than 50 research institutions across manifold areas of research (computer science, physics, chemistry, data science, neuroscience, biomedicine, mathematics, engineering, nanotechnology, biotechnology, environmental sciences, agronomy, space sciences, epidemiology, language studies, etc.) recently issued a call for new positions for Ph.D. students, postdocs, technicians, as well as some other job openings (e.g. technology transfer, project management, administration, senior research positions).

More information about job openings is available here.

SOMMa’s mission is to internationally promote, strengthen and maximize the value of the ground-breaking research produced by the Spanish ‘Severo Ochoa’ Centres and ‘María de Maeztu’ Units of Excellence and the scientific, social, and economic impact it generates.

The Spanish Excellence Programmes of ‘Severo Ochoa’ Centres and ‘María de Maeztu’ Units identify and promote excellence in scientific research. They seek to boost Spanish science by recognising existing cutting-edge research centres and units, and by further supporting them to enhance their impact, their international scientific leadership, and competitiveness.

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