The Mayor’s Message to the Students

04.10.2021. / news / university and community

On the occasion of the beginning of the new academic year and the first day of classes, the Mayor of Rijeka, Mr. Marko Filipović, addressed old and new students of the University of Rijeka. His message can be found below.

Dear students,

The beginning of a new academic year for some of you means the continuation of higher education, while for freshmen, this is the beginning of a new, dynamic and interesting period in life that will surely be remembered for a long time, just as I remember my student days. Therefore, once again, I extend my congratulations to the first-year students, and best of luck in the new life challenges ahead.

During this period, you will make friendships that will last for many years after the completion of your studies, and also create opportunities for your personal growth and professional development. All this, and much more, awaits you from today, when, after almost two years, you return to your respective faculties and lecture halls and continue your higher education or just starting it.

The university you have chosen, with its programs and activities, continuously proves that the quality of education rests in a well-organized system, quality and professional staff, and certainly, interactive, modern ways of transferring knowledge and information. All this, as well as the number of students, which is constantly growing, proves that your choice was more than correct. I remain certain that, as students at the University of Rijeka, you will find everything you need to best realize your endless potentials, desires, and ambitions.

In addition to excellent study conditions, I hope you will also enjoy everything that Rijeka has to offer to the young – from sports activities to culture and entertainment.

Therefore, at the beginning of this academic year, I primarily want you to be – students. In the true sense of the word. I hope you will start this academic year, as well as every next one, but also finish it, onsite, without hybrid, remote, and/or online ways of teaching and taking exams. This period in your life is truly too valuable to be experienced online.

The City of Rijeka will continue to support you during your education, and I, together with my team, will work on further improving the conditions for the young in our city, aiming to create as many business opportunities as possible for you to continue your professional development right here, in Rijeka.

And that is why I wish all students a happy, successful, and fun academic year!

Marko Filipović

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