University of Rijeka runner-up in the category of Engaged University of the Year

30.06.2022. / news / About the University

YUFE, a socially engaged universities network

The University of Rijeka was proclaimed a runner-up in the category of the Engaged University of the Year at the Triple E Awards ceremony held in Florence on June 28, 2022. As the official University of Rijeka representative, Prof. Senka Maćešić, Ph.D., Vice-Rector for Digitalization and Development, presented the “University that Expands New Horizons”, pointing out UNIRI’s joint projects with the community and other partners, i.e. ŠIZ (School and Community), My Place Under the Sun, University for the Third Age, Moise Palace, TEFCE and SPEAR projects and other successful projects.

The Triple E Awards are a global recognition of efforts toward the quest for entrepreneurship and engagement in higher education. It is the first award to focus specifically on different dimensions of the universities’ third mission. Implemented regionally, the Triple E Awards aim to foster change in universities and to emphasize their role in their communities and ecosystems.

The Engaged University of the Year is a category that recognizes institutions that develop and implement their own engagement to create added value for the community. Special emphasis is placed on the cooperation established with various stakeholders through which the university shows its broad approach to social engagement and important social influences.

This is just another confirmation that the University of Rijeka is truly recognized as part of the local community and ecosystem and together with its students, teaching, and non-teaching staff actively contributes to improving the quality of life of all citizens of our community.

This year’s winner in the category of the Engaged University of the Year is our YUFE partner, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), which confirms that YUFE is a true leader in social engagement in higher education.

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