WP5 Talk Show: Coping with uncertainty, ambiguity, and risk

14.10.2021. / news / YUFE Alliance

The YUFE Entrepreneurial Talk Shows allow the participant to learn from the experiences and advice of an expert in a specific area of the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp) to promote an entrepreneurial mindset among students and citizens. The talks are designed as monthly meetings, each of them organized by the YUFE universities, and consist of two parts: one open to everyone who registered to the event and a second focused on YUFE students only, where they will have the opportunity to interact directly with the speaker.

The next talk show session, titled Coping with uncertainty, ambiguity, and risk, is set to take place on October 28, 2021, and is hosted by the University of Antwerp.

Target audience: Open to All
Date and time: 28 October 2021, 13:00 – 15:00 (CET)
Language: English
Registration: HERE
Registration due date: 27 October 2021
Welcome and introduction: Prof. Dr. Herman Van Goethem, Rector, University of Antwerp
Moderator panel discussion: Barbara Tan, Policy Advisor Knowledge Transfer, Valorisation Office UAntwerp
Support: Mathias Mallentjer, Takeoff Antwerp

This Entrepreneurial Talk will be entirely dedicated to the topic ”How to deal with uncertainty, ambiguity, and risk?”. The Talk starts with a keynote lecture by Prof. Robin De Cock from the Antwerp Management School who will talk about the entrepreneur as the big risk-taker and evaluating entrepreneurial methods for dealing with risk, ambiguity, and uncertainty. Then the Talk will go deeper into the topic via a panel discussion with insights both from the academic and business world on the one hand and also by a “student-entrepreneur” and a “professor- entrepreneur”.

• Prof. Dr. Robin De Cock, Antwerp Management School
• Prof. Dr. Maarten Weyn, University of Antwerp, Department of Applied Sciences
Sven De Vocht, Voka Chambers of Commerce Antwerpen-Waasland
Luka Šeparović, Co-founder, Velusta

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