A safe return to the University, as advised by Madam Rector

13.07.2021. / news / About the University

Esteemed colleagues, the University of Rijeka’s esteemed current and prospective students,
and the University’s honorable employees,

After several challenging semesters, when the coronavirus pandemic severely altered our academic lives, we are now thoughtfully planning our conduct in the 2021/2022 academic year. The University of Rijeka is preparing for different epidemiological conditions to ensure quality teaching, research, and business processes. Nevertheless, I believe that we all have the desire to return to our classrooms, laboratories, libraries, cabinets, and offices to render our work more effective, successful, and, ultimately, less stressful. 

It has become apparent that the upcoming academic year will continue to require specific epidemiological measures. To provide all students and professors with adequate protection during live lectures and protect employees from harm throughout labor in their offices, we sincerely advise you to embrace vaccination. According to the latest scientific insights, vaccination is the approach that best protects our health and the health of others. Many of our colleagues from European and global universities we have deliberated with have adopted the same policy to keep their institutions safe and facilitate quality lives, work, mobility, and cooperation. Although we are aware that the final decision lies on each individual and their judgment, our joint care for communal health and society in emergencies such as a pandemic requires greater personal responsibility.

As vaccination is now easy and accessible for each individual, I invite you to inoculate to protect your health and enable other students, lecturers, and employees to enter the new academic year safely. 


Prof. Snježana Prijić Samaržija, Ph.D.

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