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19.09.2023. / news / Students

Do you have a passion for language and would you like to pass on your knowledge to other students? Sign up as a YUFE language cafe tutor and get the YUFE Civic Star!

What is an Online Language Café? A group of language learners meets once a week online to engage in casual conversation in a foreign language, under the guidance of a native speaker. This allows learners to maintain and improve their spoken language skills.

Who can apply as a tutor?

  • You are a student at a YUFE partner university.
  • You are a (near-)native speaker of Croatian, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Polish or Spanish.
  • You have a passion for languages and are willing to dedicate 90 minutes per week to share this passion.
  • You are prepared to hold weekly online conversation, facilitate discussions, and answer questions.
  • You are available during the first semester of 2023/2024 to schedule 8 cafe sessions of 90 minutes each.

5 reasons to become a YUFE tutor:

  • You get to share your passion for language and connect with interesting students from other cultures.
  • You receive training and support from experienced language instructors.
  • You gain access to a database of inspirational materials, created for you by YUFE’s Language Institutes.
  • You gain experience in group management and intercultural communication.
  • Hosting a Language Café as a part of the YUFE Volunteering Programme contributes to a YUFE Civic Star.

Interested? Register in Virtual Campus and the OLC team will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the soonest tutoring opportunity.

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