CAS-SEE’s Weekly Seminar

Every Thursday at 10 AM, the UNIRI Center for Advanced Studies of Southeast Europe organizes a webinar entitled Seminars with Guests, held via Zoom platform. The webinar gathers interesting and well-known speakers from the field of humanities, and the topics cover some of the key concepts that build us collectively and individually, especially in the context of contemporary (post) pandemic circumstances. The moderators are CAS SEE fellows, given that the project was created as a result of the isolation, i.e. digital transformation of activities within the fellowship. As a rule, seminars are focused on the presentation of new papers in the field of humanities.

This Thursday (May 21) at 10 AM, the seminar will feature Ms. Adriana Cavarero, one of the most influential contemporary theorists, and will talk about her Resurging Democracy, a work that questions the concept of democracy through the rich heritage of philosophy and social theory of past centuries. The seminar will be moderated by Ms. Valentina Moro, a scientist at the Center for Advanced Studies. The estimated duration of the event is for two hours.

All interested students are also invited to participate in this cross-disciplinary, international, cross-academic event where, among other things, the concept of digital democracy will be discussed, practicing it weekly in live meetings with inspiring individuals.


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