ESN Rijeka Looking for New Members

31.08.2020. / news / Students

The Rijeka branch of the volunteer organization Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is looking for new members. The Erasmus Student Network, the largest student volunteer organization, celebrated its 30th birthday in the fall. With more than 13,000 members (34,000 including so-called buddies), through 533 local sections deployed in 42 states, it assists more than 350,000 exchange students daily. Guided by the principle of students helping students, it works to promote student mobility and intercultural exchange programs. The Rijeka branch, ESN Rijeka, was founded in 2012 when the number of Erasmus students and volunteers was quite small. Today around 300 Erasmus students come to Rijeka every year, and the section has more than 20 members.

More detailed information about ESN Rijeka can be found on their Facebook page.

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