First YUFE Fiumanka

07.06.2024. / news / YUFE Alliance

As the first event of this year’s jubilee 25th Fiumanka, the first YUFE Fiumanka was held in the Rijeka Bay on Thursday, June 6, 2024. All the universities united in the YUFE Alliance competed, including the YUFE Central Office crew – a total of 12 crews. The University of Essex crew won the third place, the second place went to the team from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, while the crew representing Charles III University of Madrid won the gold medal.

Rector of the University of Rijeka, Professor Snježana Prijić Samaržija awarded the medals and thanked everyone for their participation and visit to Rijeka, adding that this is hopefully only the first YUFE Fiumanka. Sailing as a team sport and YUFE Fiumanka are an excellent opportunity to connect, have fun, and acquire new skills. We hope that this regatta will also become a tradition within the YUFE Alliance, creating a true community between the 10 universities and their local communities.

Final scoreboard:

For a quarter of a century, every year in Rijeka in June, Fiumanka gathers numerous sea enthusiats, sailing experts, businessmen, and representatives of the media, while the students joined the competition three years ago with the introduction of Student Fiumanka. This year’s Fiumanka was launched with the international student regatta gathering students from all 10 YUFE universities. Students from the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Cyprus, Finland, the United Kingdom, Poland, France and Rijeka, as well as the YUFE Central Office, took part in the first YUFE Fiumanka.

During the weekend from June 7 to 9, all sea lovers will also participate in the UNIRI Fiumanka. This entire week, full of numerous sports and other activities, will finish with the two-day concert programme of the Student Day Festival at Exportdrvo.

Photo credits: Neven Protić // Cover photo: Karlo Čargonja

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