International Conference: Gender Equality in CEE Countries

16.11.2020. / news / SPEAR

As gender equality is considered one of the main priorities in EU countries for strengthening the European Research Area (ERA), the Lithuanian Social Research Centre, in cooperation with Vilnius University, organized an international conference titled Gender Equality in CEE Countries: Policies and Practices 2020 – Institutional Changes through the Implementation of the GEP at RPOs and RFOs on November 12-13, 2020.

During the two-day online gathering, participants from dozens of European countries had the opportunity to discuss several current topics related to the field of gender equality, with special emphasis on the development and implementation of institutional (academic, research, economic) gender equality plans.

The conference touched upon a wide range of topics and offered overviews of the situation regarding gender equality in individual target countries, presented versions of existing gender equality plans, highlighted ways of creating and focal point of emerging plans, as well as several competitive international projects funded by EU funds supporting gender equality in academia.

As representatives of the University of Rijeka, our researchers involved in the SPEAR project (Horizon 2020) also participated in the conference. The conference organizers invited all gathered scientists to sign a petition to support the current efforts to preserve women’s rights in Poland.

Presentations by conference speakers will be published on the conference website.

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