Korean wave coming to Rijeka!

29.08.2022. / news / About the University

In recent years, with the wide spread of media such as Netflix and Youtube, international interest in Korean culture (K-pop, K-drama, etc) has dramatically increased, and the Korean wave has arrived. Accordingly, interest and demand for the Korean language are increasing significantly not only in Asia but also in Europe.

In response to this growing demand in the Europe area, two young and powerful universities, the University of Rijeka in Croatia and Sungshin Women’s University in Korea cooperated and agreed to open a King Sejong Institute in Rijeka this September at the UNIRI Campus. King Sejong Institute Rijeka will provide integrated and standardized information and service for learning the Korean language as well as offer opportunities to experience the diversity of Korean culture. In addition, at the KSI Rijeka, native Korean professional lecturers will teach Korean based on a standardized curriculum, which makes it much easier for students to learn.

King Sejong Institute is the leading brand of Korean-language institute, establish to provide Korean language courses overseas and extend Korean culture. It was established by the South Korean government, i.e. the Korean the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. The institute’s name refers to Sejong the Great, the inventor of the Korean alphabet.

King Sejong Institute started in 2007 and as of June 2022, there are 244 King Sejong Institutes in 84 countries around the world and over 81,000 students worldwide. It introduces the Korean language and Korean culture to non-native Koreans and is working to make their interests in Korea develop into a better understanding and love for Korea.

King Sejong Institute Rijeka will start basic Korean language classes and a Korean culture class (Taekwondo, the traditional Korean martial arts) in the first week of October, and course registration will be conducted online from early September.

For detailed course schedules and information, feel free to check KSI Rijeka’s Instagram account (@sejongrijeka) or contact us via email

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