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29.10.2021. / news / YUFE Alliance

YUFE – The Virtue of Engagement

Wondering how you can co-create the European values in education and science? Curious to know how we can respond to the challenges of the contemporary crisis of democracy? 

Join us on November 11, 2021 at 4 pm CET on the first Online YUFE Alumni Event “YUFE – The Virtue of Engagement” and find out more about the role YUFE has in transforming European education area.

 “We live in a challenging time for the European values of democracy and freedom, which questions the European idea of harmony, peace, and enlightenment. 

Freedom and democracy indexes reveal explicit threats to freedom and democracy: we live in a difficult time for human rights and frequently witness attempts to evade the institutions that preserve liberty and democracy. The urgency generated by the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has further underlined our society’s vulnerability and distrust in political elites, institutions, and even in science. The present crisis of democracy is correlated with this century’s crisis of enlightenment that displays a budding culture of ignorance and alternative facts, a cult of amateurism, and different forms of radicalism. I endorse all social stakeholders’ heightened intellectual and political responsibility. This responsibility also comprises universities – researchers and students – who need to recognize these challenges and their causes and inaugurate a transformation of the higher education system in tune with international engagement, long-term work, and sustainable futures. European universities such as YUFE have a unique role and the potential to become the bearer of European higher education and research’s transformation.”

To participate in the lecture, register HERE.

Let’s achieve the YUFE vision together – create the impactful University of the future and an innovative and united Europe!

The lecture will be held in English.

See you online!

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