People’s Choice ‘Engaged University of the Year Award’ Goes to UNIRI!

26.07.2022. / news / About the University

The Triple E Awards are a global recognition of efforts towards the quest for entrepreneurship and engagement in higher education. It is the first award to focus specifically on different dimensions of the universities’ third mission. Implemented regionally, the Triple E Awards aim to foster change in universities and to emphasise their role in their communities and ecosystems.

Although the University of Rijeka was this year’s first runner-up in the category of engaged universities (Engaged University of the Year) based on the selection of the expert committee, we are proud to announce that our University won the people’s choice first place in the category of engaged universities!

The Engaged University of the Year is a category that recognizes institutions that develop and implement their own engagement to create additional value for the community. Special emphasis is placed on the developed cooperation with different stakeholders through which the university demonstrates its broad approach to social engagement and important social impacts.

This award further proves that the University of Rijeka truly is part of the local community and ecosystem, and together with its professors, students, and the entire staff contributes to improving the quality of life of all citizens of our community.

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