RITEH Students in China

Mr. Marko Njirak and Mr. Erik Otović, students at the UNIRI Faculty of Engineering, have recently returned from their trip to China. The group of 10 best students visited Huawei R&D center in Shenzen, China, following the invitation from this prestigious company.

This company is well-known, among other things, for its increasingly popular high-end mobile phones and its serious rivalry with US dominant stakeholders in the area, and is slowly taking a lead in future 5G technology. Huawei is now present in more than 170 countries. Their products are used by a third of the world population, and according to the number of deliveries last year, the company is also one of the largest manufacturers of mobile phones in the world. Huawei has 15 R&D centers located in the US, Germany, Sweden, Russia, India, and China.

Back in April, Huawei and the Central Government Office for the Development of the Digital Society signed a Cooperation Agreement, making their cooperation on the project “Seeds for the Future” official. Croatia thus joined the initiative that brings together students from more than a hundred countries to share knowledge and experience.

The first students from Croatia who have been to China returned from their two-week internship full of positive impressions. In two weeks, students have gained valuable new insights that they will implement in their careers when the day comes, which was indeed the purpose of this visit.

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