RUR World University Rankings 2020

11.11.2020. / news / About the University

To build more accurate and comprehensive resources on institutional activity, since 2009, Clarivate has been profiling the world’s leading universities and research institutions using an exclusive set of key performance indicators for our Institutional Profiles initiative.

This year, the University of Rijeka participated in the Global institutional profiles project (GIPP) and was thus included in this year’s ranking edition, announced by RUR Rankings Agency in partnership with Clarivate Analytics.

Out of 574 leading world universities in Medical Sciences, the University of Rijeka holds the 411th place (Copper League), while out of 690 leading world universities in Life Sciences, our University holds the 450th place (Copper League).

Institutional profiles facilitate a multidimensional and unbiased comparison of all aspects of a university’s performance regardless of the university’s mission, size, geographical location, or subject mix. Combining gold-standard bibliometric information with unique data on reputation, demographics of staff, students and funding creates a 360-degree view of all aspects of an institution’s performance.

The Institutional Profiles project collects, validates, and analyses data across six broad academic disciplines and from the following three unique sources:

  • Demographical data collected directly from universities;
  • Clarivate annual academic reputation survey;
  • Publication and citation data from InCites.
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