Sharpen your conversational skills with YUFE Online Language Café

19.09.2023. / news / Students

Would you like to sharpen your conversational skills, have fun and make new friends?

Grab a cup of coffee, turn on your computer and join our Online Café!

You will meet a group of language learners online once a week to engage in causal conversation in foreign language, lead by native speaker! In the academic year 2023/2024 YUFE offers an Online Language Café in Polish, Dutch, Finnish, French and English.  This allows you to maintain and improve spoken language skills.

Who can participate?

  • If you are enrolled in YUFE Student Journey
  • If you are interested in working on your conversational skills in YUFE University languages.
  • If you have at least basic knowledge of the target language. You can enrol in a low. intermediate, high intermediate or advanced (English only) Café.
  • If you are available for 8 sessions of 90 minutes each during the first semester.

5 reasons to join

  1. You practise foreign language speaking skills with peers from all over the world.
  2. You learn from a native speaker.
  3. Together with your tutor and fellow students, you decide which topics will be covered during the sessions.
  4. The Language Cafés do not require preparation. If you miss a session, it is easy to rejoin later.
  5. The Online Language Café contibutes to your YUFE Language Star.

Enrol now on Virtual Campus!

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