Support for Ukraine students

14.04.2022. / news / Students

Due to the war in Ukraine and the large number of those who have arrived or will arrive to the Republic of Croatia, University of Rijeka offers students from Ukraine the opportunity to send their applications for inclusion in the teaching process at our University.

Students are invited to send all the necessary information (name and surname, institution they are coming from, program, field, and year of study) to the e-mail address  , so that university services can support them in the future process of studying at the University and its constituents.

The Rijeka school of Croatian Studies is organizing a free Croatian language course for students from Ukraine who are under the temporary protection of the Republic of Croatia. It is about learning the Croatian language at the initial level (A1). For the course, you need to register by e-mail: . The number of participants is limited.

Further information: Rijeka school of Croatian Studies

So far, the University of Rijeka has admitted 9 students and 5 scientists and provided them with full support in the continuation of their studies and scientific research cooperation.

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