UNIRI on RUR’s Ranking of Leading World Universities

30.04.2020. / news / About the University

Since April 29, 2020, the University of Rijeka has been included in the Round University Ranking (RUR) by Clarivate Analytics, with 829 out of the total number of universities in the world. The Round University Ranking (RUR) is a world university ranking, which measures performance of 1100 leading world universities by 20 indicators across 4 key missions: teaching, research, international diversity and financial sustainability.

The University of Rijeka has thus become the second largest Croatian university on this scale, alongside the University of Zagreb. This only proves that the University of Rijeka has achieved its goal of improving the quality and visibility, one of the goals listed in the UNIRI Strategy. The University of Rijeka is currently at the 705th place on the RUR scale, and according to the latest data, it keeps going up on other rankings as well – there is a significant increase in URAP points and an increase in the URAP Europe and SCIMAGO rankings.

According to the available data on the total number of universities in the world, estimated in the US alone at 4,300 and in Europe at more than 4,000, the current listing in the top 800 universities in the world can truly be considered a success.

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