UNIRI the first in Croatia to collaborate with Coursera

31.01.2022. / news / About the University

Improve your knowledge with Coursera. Professional and personal development of students, teachers, and employees of the University!

The University of Rijeka has entered into a strategic partnership with Coursera, a leading platform in online learning, and thus became the first university in the Republic of Croatia and this part of Europe to enable its students, teachers, and other staff members to acquire skills and competencies free of charge, which are required in a rapidly changing and competitive labor market, as well as the opportunity for better and more efficient work with students or performing business tasks.

The Coursera for Campus (C4C) program is designed specifically for universities. It has been implemented in more than 20 universities around the world, including Duke University, the University of Illinois, and the Manipal Academy of Higher Education, as well as the University of Rijeka!

By participating in the program, universities gain access to courses, specializations, and professional certification programs from the world’s leading universities and companies in the industry to improve personal and professional skills and competencies which can be integrated into the curricula, or just offer students a chance to develop flexible learning methods, thus responding to current labor market demands, as well as the challenges of digital transformation.

Courses usually last a few weeks, are completely online, and consist of video lectures, reading the given literature, and assignments. Specializations are a series of related individual courses designed to help the user master a particular topic, at their own pace. Some shorter specializations include only three (3) courses, and some longer specializations may include ten (10) or more courses. Professional Certificate programs are designed to help the inexperienced user prepare for a job.

In addition to the access to high-quality educational content, C4C users can use Coursera’s online tools for evaluating and creating their content (Private Authoring), including analytical tools, Coursera Labs for practical tasks and project work through Guided Projects. University/constituents can publish lectures, practical projects, and courses for their students.

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