YERUN Annual Report 2022

27.12.2022. / news / YERUN

At the end of this year, we are happy to announce that the YERUN Annual Report 2022 is now available online! Embark on the journey and look back on the successful work done this year by YERUN and its members and the precious memories accompanying it.

We look back at a very intense, yet inspiring year, in which we have finally gone back to meeting in person after two long years of virtual meetings only. This was an excellent opportunity to welcome our new members into the network and strengthen cooperation among partners. We held two successful General Assemblies in Madrid (March) and in Maastricht (November), as well as an event held in Brussels on joint doctoral education (June) – further to many other events that were held in an online format.

This year, YERUN put a special emphasis on working with the different group configurations of YERUN, thus allowing us to proceed seamlessly in the implementation of our 2021-2025 Strategy, contributing to new ways to allow Talent to Grow. In terms of policy, much of our work has focused on the ERA Policy Agenda and, in particular, the Reform of Research Assessment and our involvement in the CoARA. This year has also seen the publications of two important papers: “Education for a more sustainable world: What can we learn from young European research universities?” and “Rethinking Academic Careers: Cultural change as a key bottleneck to be addressed”.

Download the report here.

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