YUFE Academy – Intercultural communication in the international EMI classroom: Taken for granted or taken into account?

07.05.2024. / news / YUFE Alliance

We invite you to an online lecture in English by UNIRI professor Irena Vodopija-Krstanović Intercultural communication in international teaching in English: Neglected or important segment? on Tuesday, May 14 at 2 p.m. (CET) as part of the YUFE Academy program and the celebration of Europe Day, which is intended for everyone – citizens, students and university staff.

Application is obligatory via  Virual campus.

English-medium instruction (EMI) refers to the teaching of academic subjects through English at universities in non-English-dominant countries. In recent years, EMI has become a global phenomenon that has transformed locally-oriented monolingual universities into multilingual international institutions. Given that cultural, linguistic, and educational diversity are a reality in EMI classrooms, it is often assumed that intercultural communication will occur effortlessly through English and contact with international students.

However, this is not necessarily the case as the provision of courses in English does not imply successful internationalization, nor does cross-cultural contact automatically foster intercultural communication (competencies) and the use of interculturally sensitive teaching practices.

In this talk professor will first provide insights into the international and intercultural dimensions of EMI. Drawing on classroom observation data of thirty EMI classes taught by non-native English-speaking lecturers at five European universities, she will also examine to what extent the international and intercultural dimensions are integrated into pedagogical practices in multilingual classrooms.

Finally, bearing in mind that intercultural communication is indispensable in EMI, she will argue that lecturers should pursue tripartite professional development in intercultural communication, pedagogy, and language, so that they are suitably prepared to facilitate learning in multilingual and multicultural classrooms. 

The YUFE Academy is a series of events organized by the YUFE Alliance, the goal is to involve the community and promote the values ​​of the Alliance, and civic participation, human rights, energy poverty, circular economy, artificial intelligence and intercultural communication are just some of the topics that citizens will have the opportunity to discuss.

The entire program of the YUFE Academy from May 7th to 27th can be found on the link.

Students of the University of Rijeka who are interested in participating in the events of the YUFE Academy are invited to register for the YUFE Student Journey program,, which gives them access to academic courses, workshops, professional practice, language courses and various activities at 10 European universities. Applications for the YUFE Student Journey are possible until May 24, 2024 online form. More – here.

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