YUFE staff training: Framework for University-Community Engagement – TEFCE Learning Journey

01.10.2020. / news / YUFE Alliance

With the community engagement (re)emerging as a policy priority in higher education, these four 2-hour interactive webinars offer participants a learning journey from the basics of community engagement in contemporary higher education over its challenges to the opportunity to find out first hand how a university can implement innovative policy tools (TEFCE Toolbox) for mapping, institutional self-reflection, supporting and further strengthening of an engaged agenda at the institution. 

Series of webinars: 23 October 9.00 – 11.00 CEST, 6 November, 20 November, 11 December 9.00 – 11.00 CET


Target audience: non-academics (HEPROs – Higher Education Professionals)

Number of participants: 20 (preferably (at least) 2 persons from one HEI; same group of participants throughout all of 4 webinar sessions)


  • to understand key concepts of community engagement
  • to understand the multifaceted concept of an engaged university and the importance of contextuality
  • to analyse different approaches to CE in HE
  • to identify and promote community engagement at universities
  • to discuss on how to support and incentivise universities/academics in institutionalising their cooperation with the wider community
  • to promote innovative and feasible policy tools for supporting, monitoring and assessing the community engagement of higher education institutions
  • to engage in the TEFCE Toolbox piloting at home institution


Snjezana Prijic-Samarzija, University of Rijeka, Rector
Thomas Farnell, Institute for the Development of Education (IDE), TEFCE project coordinator
Bojana Culum Ilic, Associate Prof., University of Rijeka, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Deadline for registration: 19 October 2020
Registration HERE.

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