LST-1 First Activities


The Large Size Telescope (LST-1), a prototype of the largest telescope of the future Cherenkov Telescope Array, carried out its first measuring activities last week, at the Roque de Los Muchachos Observatory, at the Canary Island of La Palma. The 24-meter LST, currently known as the world's largest gamma-telescope with 17-meter-diameter mirrors, is the largest such telescope in the world, immediately after the MAGIC telescope located in its immediate vicinity.

Cherenkov Telescope indirectly measures the gamma-radiation of very high energy coming from outer space, exposing the secrets of extreme objects such as super-massive black holes in the centers of galaxies, pulsars, and supernova.

Professor Dijana Dominis Prester, Ph.D., is the Croatian representative in the International LST Collaboration. She emphasized that the computer simulations created by our group within this project are also related to the simulation and measurement of the presence of aerosols in the atmosphere, which is why this research also gives a broader social contribution to the protection of our environment, deepening the underlying knowledge and law of physics.

Croatia is one of only 10 member states of the LST collaboration, including Japan, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, India, Brazil, Poland, and Sweden. Croatia became a member of the LST network in 2015, after entering the Cherenkov Telescope Array International Consortium in 2009. 


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