The University of Rijeka as a co-creator of a European platform for community engagement

06.06.2023. / news / SHEFCE

The European Platform for Social Engagement in Higher Education is a tool that provides support to universities that want to address social needs in cooperation with external stakeholders, including the public, business, and civil society.

The platform was created as part of the SHEFCE project (Steering Higher Education for Community Engagement), including the University of Rijeka as one of the partners. The platform enables the research of universities and their community engagement through official university profiles and also provides the possibility of implementing the TEFCE Toolbox to all higher education institutions that want to self-reflect on community engagement. The platform gathers a series of reports and recommendations that can serve as examples for improving community engagement in higher education through all 7 dimensions.

This is only one activity in a series of activities conducted by the University of Rijeka to increase community engagement in European universities and is considered a valuable information resource for various stakeholders.

More about the SHEFCE project is available here.

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