YUFE Academy: Bringing Food into the City? From Farm to Fork.

07.05.2024. / news / YUFE Alliance

Join us on YUFE Academy events and Europe day!

On May 15 at 11:30 am, Assistant Professor Sarah Czerny will have online lecture Bringing Food into the City? From Farm to Fork.

Application is obligatory via  Virual campus.

This lecture will look at the challenges about how to bring local foods into the city of Rijeka and will use material that was collected by students working on a YUFE Challenge for the YUFE Minor “Urban Ecology”. It will explore the different interests that both consumers and producers of foods have, and how they are negotiated in an urban setting. It will cover questions about what makes a food “local”, how and where can these foods be sold, what are the main hurdles that need to be overcome when promoting and organising the sale of local produce, and the importance of promoting the sale of local food in an urban setting (not only for the urban community, in this case the city of Rijeka, but also the rural communities who are producing this food).

The YUFE Academy is a series of events organized by the YUFE Alliance, the goal is to involve the community and promote the values ​​of the Alliance, and civic participation, human rights, energy poverty, circular economy, artificial intelligence and intercultural communication are just some of the topics that citizens will have the opportunity to discuss.

The entire program of the YUFE Academy from May 7th to 27th can be found on the link.

Students of the University of Rijeka who are interested in participating in the events of the YUFE Academy are invited to register for the YUFE Student Journey program,, which gives them access to academic courses, workshops, professional practice, language courses and various activities at 10 European universities. Applications for the YUFE Student Journey are possible until May 24, 2024 online form. More – here.

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