Council for Science

Council for Science is the expert body of the University of Rijeka, which advises the University of Rijeka Senate and the Rector in regard to the development of science and research.

Prof. Saša Zelenika, Ph.D., Member of the Council

Honorary President:
Prof. Stipan Jonjić, M.D., Ph.D., University Management Representative

By function:
Prof. Alen Ružić, M.D., Ph.D., Vice-Rector for Science and Arts

Scientific and artistic fields’ representatives:

  • Prof. Velinka Grozdanić, Ph.D., Field of Social Sciences
  • Prof. Goran Turkalj, Ph.D., Field of Technical Sciences
  • Associate Prof. Luca Malatesti, Ph.D., Field of Humanities
  • Associate Prof. Marin Karuza, Ph.D., Field of Natural Sciences
  • Associate Prof. Miranda Mladinić Pejatović, Ph.D., Interdisciplinary Scientific Field
  • Assistant Prof. Vanda Juranić Lisnić, Ph.D., Field of Biomedicine and Healthcare
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