System organization

The University of Rijeka’s Quality Assurance System consists of the following organizational units:

Quality Assurance and Improvement Committee at the University of Rijeka

  • Manages the University’s quality control systems, implements strategic plans and makes decisions about processes and guidelines related to quality control
  • Presents the Rector and the Senate with specific suggestions and activities
  • Promotes innovations and projects related to quality improvement
  • Ensures that quality-related processes are efficiently applied and oversees internal mechanisms pertaining to quality assurance and quality control

Membership in the Quality Assurance and Improvement Committee and the duration of individual mandates is defined by the

Quality Assurance Council

The Quality Assurance Council unifies the activities of all quality-related units and, if needed, joins them in developing new practices for quality-assurance.

Quality Assurance and Improvement Center at the University of Rijeka

Back in 2002, the University of Rijeka founded its Office for Promoting Quality to reflect its awareness about the importance of excellent higher education, as well as its intention to join the “European space of higher education.”

After a decision made at the Senate’s fourteenth session, held on January 27, 2006, the Office for Promoting Quality became what is now our Quality Assurance and Improvement Center.

The Center aims to create a structural framework for our commitment to academic quality and to encourage the development of a national system of quality improvement.

To provide our students with the highest level of academic excellence, the Center initiates, coordinates and completes various developmental programs related to quality improvement.

Having identified the main quality markers, the Center systematically traces them in the University’s development. Furthermore, it:

  •  Encourages and sustains a continuous dialogue about quality and academic excellence
  • Promotes the culture of excellence within and beyond the academic community
  • Defines the standards and criteria for excellence at the level of individual university constituents
  • Develops internal and external evaluative practices, methods for assessing different aspects of academic quality, and addresses various target groups (students, professors, administrative and technical staff, managers, employers, the public opinion)
  • Conducts analyses and gathers feedback from all relevant parties
  • Inquires about the causes behind poor, inefficient, or protracted student careers
  • Establishes a system of internal evaluation as a critical requirement for quality control
  • Gathers feedback from students and attends to their suggestions, comments, and criticisms
  • Encourages and organizes professional training for teachers, associates, managers, and administrative staff

Quality Assurance and Improvement Committees at the University’s constituents

Our Quality Assurance Committees organize, coordinate and conduct quality related processes at the level of individual constituents, paying special regard to the following elements:

  • Self-assesment
  • Developing quality markers
  • Student participation in assessing academic quality
  • Inquiring about academic success and about the causes behind poor, inefficient, or protracted student careers
  • Inquiring about academic competencies
  • Ensuring professional training for university professors (lifelong learning)
  • Ensuring professional training for administrative and technical staff
  • Providing proof of improved academic quality
  • Assessing the quality of the general and specific competencies attained in each study program
  • Defining and standardizing administrative content among different constituents

Each Quality Assurance Committee contains at least five (5) members:

  • A management representative
  • At least two (2) teaching staff representatives
  • A student representative
  • An administrative and technical staff representative


Quality Assurance Center Manager

Ulica Radmile Matejčić 3

Mailing address:
Rector’s Office
University of Rijeka
Trg braće Mažuranića 10
51000 Rijeka

Quality Assurance Center Manager, prof. Miljana Bajšanski


+385 51 584 855

Assistant Expert, prof. Andrea Miočić


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