Expert Council for Research and Innovation of the University of Rijeka

The Expert Council for Research and Innovation of the University of Rijeka is the central expert body for the encouragement, improvement, internationalization, modernization, and development of scientific-research, artistic-research, innovation, and general creative and knowledge transfer activities of the University of Rijeka.

The Council consists of the Vice-rector for Science and Arts, the Vice-rector for Strategic Projects by function, the Vice-deans for Science/Arts by function, the Chair of the Council for Science by function, a representative of the Rijeka Student Centre, a representative of the Rijeka University Library and a representative of postgraduate university students.

Expert council for research and innovation of the University of Rijeka
Chair: Prof. Gordan Jelenić, Ph.D., Vice-rector for Science and Arts

Members of the Expert Council:

Prof. Saša Zelenika, Ph.D,, Vice-rector for Strategic Project
Prof. Alen Ružić, M.D., Ph.D., Chair of the Council for Science
Lea Lazzarich, representative of the Rijeka University Library
Manuel Markotić, MEcon., representative of the Rijeka Student Centre
representative of postgraduate university students

Assist. Prof. Andrea Švob, Ph.D., Faculty of Mathematics
Assoc. Prof. Božidar Kovačić, Ph.D., Faculty of Informatics and Digital Technologies
Assist. Prof. Daniela Kalafatović, Ph.D., Faculty of Biotechnology and Drug Research
Assoc. Prof. Aleš Omerzu, Ph.D., Faculty of Physics
Assoc. Prof. Sanja Dugonjić Jovančević, Ph.D., Faculty of Civil Engineering
Prof. Domagoj Lanc, Ph.D., Faculty of Engineering
Prof. Sanja Tatalović Vorkapić, Ph.D., Faculty of Teacher Education
Assist. Prof. David Brčić, Ph.D., Faculty of Maritime Studies        
Prof. Marina Šantić, Ph.D., Faculty of Medicine
Assoc. Prof. Željko Jovanović, Ph.D., Faculty of Health Studies
Prof. Luca Malatesti, Ph.D., Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Assist. Art. Alan Alebić, Academy of Applied Arts
Assist. Prof. Ana Bobinac, Ph.D., Faculty of Economics and Business
Prof. Ivana Kunda, Ph.D., Faculty of Law
Assoc. Prof. Zvonimira Šverko Grdić, Ph.D., Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management
Assoc. Prof. Irena Glažar, DMD, PhD, Faculty of Dental Medicine

Non-voting members:

Maja Kelić, Ph.D., Speech and Language Pathology         
Assist. Prof. Mateja Šnajdar, Ph.D., Study of Polytechnics
Prof. Igor Prpić, M.D. Ph.D., Doctoral School


Centre for Science and Art

University of Rijeka Rectorate
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